What To Do If It Rains…

Arranging a wedding or a big party is a huge undertaking and not one that should be entered into lightly. There are so many aspects to consider from the venue to what food to serve and what decorations to put up. In the UK, however, there’s one more factor to bear in mind – and that’s the inclement weather.

There are of course wedding planners available who are experts at organising your big day, obviously this comes at a cost, however you will be able to discuss what happens if the heavens open and your wedding becomes a wash out. They should have a backup plan for anything happening outside, particularly if it's in April when rain is a distinct possibility.

We’re not often blessed with beautiful rays of sunshine, sadly, so, assuming you're organising the event yourself, you should always plan ahead for rain just to be on the safe side. No matter what the occasion is, make sure you tell your guests that they will be spending time outside so should bring suitable clothing with them like brollies and rain macs.clear roof marquee

What you might like to do as the host or hostess, however, is perhaps make sure that there are pairs of wellies on hand just in case the ground turns to mud around you. These days, brides often ensure that there are pairs of flip-flops in the bathroom at their choice of venue so that when their friends’ feet hurt after hours of dancing in heels, they have another option. This is just one step further on from that!

Another potion is to actually make a feature off the weather, we can provide marquees with a clear roof (fantastic if you're lucky enough to have a ligning show!). Or like the picture to the right, a clear porch so people can still be outside, yet remain warm and dry.

When talking to your marquee hire company, make sure you ask them how weatherproof their products are and if they’re able to withstand rain and wind. You’ll need a heavy-duty, strong marquee – especially if you’re partying in the autumn or winter – so make sure you check it will suit your requirements.

Heating is also something else you should bear in mind. It’s bound to get chilly later on, so talk to your choice of company to see what they can provide.

Here at Richardson Marquees we offter two types of marquees. Our traditional petal marquees are the traditional style with vertical poles inside, guy ropes pegged out outside and they are made from canvas, they look lovely but the canvas is not 100% waterproof if it pours down for days on end.  As a result we don't use them in the worst weather. Our clear span marquees are made of a type of reinforced plastic canvas which is waterproof, so these are used for events in the wetter and colder months, they also tend to be the popular choice for corporate marquee hire, because they are more flexible with regard to size and configuration..  We usually decorate them on the inside too so can easily look just as attractive as the petal pole marquees.

The other big consideration if you are expecting rain is the flooring.  We would take a look at the site and advise on the positioning of the marquee if it's likely to rain, obviously it's best to avoid having it in a dip at the bottom of a big hill! However even on a fairly level site, a lot of rain can start to come in along the ground under the walls of the marquee. This need not be a problem though, adding a solid floor will alloww the water to remain below the floor, giving your guests a solid (and most importantly, dry) place to walk.

We offfer a huge range of accessories for marquees from stages and dancefloors, to heaters, seating, mobile toilets and much more. Why not find out more about our marquee hire services, or contact us to discuss how we can help with your upcoming event.

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